Friday 24th November 2017:

At Women in Healthcare UK, we believe that supporting and empowering women is an integral part of achieving success within the Healthcare Sector. Our ‘Empowering Women in Healthcare’ Coffee morning not only provides an opportunity for like-minded women engage in networking and discussion, it also provides a physical network of support to not only equip women with knowledge and resources, but to instil confidence into each attendee so that they can not only lead, but succeed. We appreciate that each persons challenges differ from the next, but we believe that these challenges and obstacles can be overcome through our network of guidance and support.
Women in Healthcare UK wants to embrace the ever-growing influence of Women on the world, specifically in the Healthcare sector, and push more and more women to achieve greatness.

Who should attend?
Any woman who works within the Healthcare Sector should be in attendance! From Nurses, Surgeons and Doctors to Care workers, Managers and Medical Students, our specialist knowledge will not only support, but adapt to the specific and complex needs of every individual! The Coffee Morning will integrate support and guidance with networking and socialising, as we find that there is no better way of feeling supported than being surrounded by women facing the same challenges!

Will the morning just involve coffee drinking?
Absolutely not! Our ‘Empowering Women in Healthcare’ Coffee Morning will include a plethora of engaging and empowering activities and discussions!
The schedule will include:

✔️A panel discussion on challenges and opportunities for Women in Healthcare that will allow for issues that affect us in our roles to be shared in an open and frank environment so that collectively as women, a solution can be found.<<
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onal Development through support that will provide the vital resources needed in order for women to excel in their chosen professions within the sector,<
te speakers TBC.

Please note, spaces are limited and will go quickly due to high demand! To avoid disappointment, contact us on 0845 299 3781, email us at enrol at