Women In Healthcare UK (WiH UK) – News

March 2018

by Molah Media


International Woman’s Day Event

We must start with saying a big thank you to all that attended our WiH UK IWD event in Leeds on Thursday March 8th. It was phenomenal – the turnout, the presentations and the fun. Thanks to your engagement and appreciation, we are already planning next year’s event.


Call for WiH UK live streamers!

Our live streams continue every Thursday between 7-8pm. We told you about some of the topics covered in our first few sessions in the February 2018 newsletter here:  Thought-provoking topics right?

Now we want to hear from you! We know some of you are great speakers and presenters, with lots to share, so if you would like to feature as the lead on one of our live streams, please email us on the address below.  

When you do that (and even if you do not), share your ideas on the kinds of events you want us to host for you. Remember WiH UK is all about you!


Have you checked out the WIH-UK Group Blog?

Our blog continues and features a range of articles. Next month sees the continuation of our ‘Conversation with…’ series. We have some amazing individuals sharing their journeys with us so watch this space!


Follow this link for the full blog:

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone.


The WIH-UK Team

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