Women in Healthcare UK Live Stream

This week, we decided to do something a little bit differently and make the live stream even more interactive!

Angie started the live stream by talking about something that is affecting all of us at the minute… SNOW! As one member said, ‘Ain’t no shift worth me dying on the road’ and we couldn’t agree more! We hope that everyone is staying safe and ensuring that they put their wellbeing first! Do you think the NHS and other organisations could employ some kind of help when the weather gets bad to ensure that staff members can attend work?

Angie also mentioned the exciting ten ticket raffle that we are running at the moment which will see 10 lucky ladies win a free ticket to the upcoming International Women’s Day Event on the 8th March! The draw will be on Monday evening at 7pm on the group, so make sure you’re in it to win it!

We were then joined by Thembie who told us all about how the cold weather is affecting her work. She works with mental health patients and told us about how their vulnerability can be exacerbated in the weather as she cannot see them face to face and has to revert to using the phone. It just goes to show how important her work is and how changes need to be made so that people who work in the healthcare sector can continue their work no matter what the weather is!

Thembie also gave us some amazing tips for travelling:

  • Holidays give you energy and make you refreshed! Make time to get away!
  • Make sacrifices to look after yourself.
  • Give yourself time off to make sure your wellbeing is a priority.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for bargains! The best time to look is when kids are in school as prices are much cheaper.

We were then joined by the lovely Eleanor who looked very cosy! She gave advice to our members on evidence-based practice with cleaning contracts! She told us about how she cleaned her neighbour’s oven who was in shared accommodation and informed us that by getting before and after pictures of her work, she managed to get contracts with estate agents! She also let the ladies know about a service called ‘Rated’ where you can post your services and get ratings from people who have employed you! As well as helping our ladies with some work tips, she taught the ladies about time management and commitment to a cause!

She also shared her incredible story about how she was working for the Clinical Commissioning Group and noticed that there were no black people when getting to the top! The borough of Greenwich that she was working in was a majoritively black community and there was a clear gap! She is now demanding that the government sits up and listens to the need to close the gap and take notice of ethnic minorities. We absolutely LOVE how empowering she is!




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