What members of Women in Healthcare UK have taught me.

I began my role as the business development intern at Women in Healthcare UK in August 2017, and since then the amazing help, support and wealth of knowledge that has been passed on to me is mind blowing. However, I would say that some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt over the past 6 months are the lessons in life and work from the ladies who are members of our incredible and expanding network. I have found their resourcefulness, inventiveness and resilience truly inspiring and the lessons I have learnt from them have not only helped me with my work life, but also my personal life and everything that entails!

To mark my 6 month anniversary (Yay) at this amazing organisation, I have compiled some of the best top tips I have learnt from our ladies on both work, finances AND personal life management!

Work life:

  • Work smarter, not harder.
  • The only limitations that we have are those we put on ourselves.
  • Try, try and try again! It is better to try and fail than to never have tried at all.
  • Don’t put caps on your dreams.. you can achieve anything!
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes and move… it’s scary but it will be worth it.
  • The human brain is designed to focus on one thing at a time. Don’t multitask and the go through your work load steadily to ensure that everything is done to the best of your ability.
  • Do something you LOVE!

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  • Your money will leave if you don’t tell it what to do!
  • Make sure you try to maintain the idea of living within your means in your personal finances.
  • Don’t sacrifice your life and wellbeing for money!
  • Weigh up your options and always make an informed decision before making big changes, especially with finances.
  • Be tactile and informed in your decision making in regards to investments


Personal life:

  • Take time for therapy for yourself… make that time to get your nails done and don’t feel guilty!
  • There are always things that can be done to be around your loved ones, and although it may mean you have to sacrifice things, it will be worth it.
  • Always make sure you take time out to travel… see the world, make memories and relax.
  • Go to bed without your phone so that you can make the most of your relaxation time.
  • Take time away with friends or on your own, maybe for a weekend or even a night.
  • Transform the rules that govern you so that you can motivate yourself.
  • Ignore what people think of you- allow people to think what they want, but you have a right to believe what you think of yourself is more important than what people think of you.



Thank you to every single member who has contributed to every discussion, live stream and conversation. You have each made this past 6 months fly by and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 has in store!

Signing off,


Hannah Fieldhouse

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