Weekly Live Stream: Travel and Balancing Life Tips!

This week on our amazing platform, we held another Live Stream which was on travel and balancing your life! Angie was joined by the incredible Thandie, a qualified mental health nurse who is currently working in substance misuse. She started off the conversation talking about something that effects so many people… balancing your family and work life at once! She talked about the issues faced by women in healthcare, especially women, and she made sure that everyone who is in her position didn’t feel alone!

Thandie decided to make a change and make a difference within her own life in order to achieve her dreams, sharing the fact that she hates staying stagnant and loves a challenge! With this in mind, as well as wanting more financial stability, she went back to school and did a course to become a prescribing nurse that opened up a whole new world for her. Thandie will be telling us more about it on the 8th March at our International Women’s Day Celebration Event!

She gave some incredible tips and tricks for balancing your life and she was truly inspiring! Her top tips were:

  • The only limitations we have are those we put on ourselves.
  • Work harder, not smarter.
  • Don’t let fear take over… you can achieve whatever you want!
  • It’s better to fail than never have tried at all.
  • You need time with your partner and family to have a good support system.
  • There are always things that can be done to be around your family, it may mean you have to sacrifice things but it will be worth it.
  • Follow Thandie’s lead and make the change you want to see in your life.
  • Always research your options for funding for a masters course… there is help available from the government!
  • Weigh up your options and always make an informed decision before making big changes, especially with finances.
  • Don’t sacrifice family and yourself for finances!
  • Take time for therapy for yourself… make that time to get your nails done and don’t feel guilty!
  • Do something that makes a difference to those around you!
  • Never settle for less than you deserve… the money is out there!

After Thandie had finished sharing her story, we were also joined by Becky, a part qualified accountant and a group travel specialist who gave us incredible tips and tricks for travelling on a budget BUT not cutting back on luxury! She helped so many companies with their own businesses until she had a big birthday, and at that point she realised how hard it is to actually travel around! She wanted for all the mothers in her group to leave their children, work and husbands behind to get away and relax!

Here are some of the incredible top tips on both wellbeing AND travel that we were lucky for Becky to share with us!

  • The lifestyle of a woman in healthcare can be hectic, ensure that you have a minimum of one date night per month with your partner!
  • Make sure you have time to travel! It is so important in maintaining your wellbeing!
  • Don’t be afraid to move around with your business! The opportunities are out there.
  • Make sure you are recognised and appreciated in your work… if you’re not, look to move around!
  • It is hard to remove yourself from the everyday… the only way to do this is to TRAVEL!
  • Take the time out to be in a different circle!
  • Holidays make you cleansed, relaxed and happy! Take the time out to ensure you get the opportunity to travel in order to have separation from your day to day life.
  • Don’t scrimp on quality! Shop around for a bargain and take your time to really plan!
  • Planning is never easy but it’s worth it to have something to look forward to! Do your research and plan as early on as possible!
  • The weather can be depressing in the UK… it really does have an effect on your mood! Take the time out to get somewhere hot!
  • Take the time to be around other women.

Becky also mentioned starting a retreat for Women in Healthcare where we can help each other out, relax, network and take the time to separate ourselves from our work and family lives!

Thank you again to all the incredible speakers!

At the start of the recording, our founder and director Angie Khupe welcomed everyone to join us at our International Women’s Day Celebration Event on the 8th March in Leeds! It will be an incredible opportunity to network with likeminded women, get involved in informative Q+A’s with our experienced panel and hear the amazing stories and ideas of our inspiring speakers!

For more information on this, please head to http://www.womeninhealthcare.co.uk

OR head to our EventBrite page:


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