The Husband Stitch

Don’t try and fix it if it’s not broken… that’s the old saying. But what if I was to tell you women are being ‘fixed’ when it’s not needed on a regular basis, and half of us don’t even realise when or why…


Scrolling through Facebook is usually nothing special. Baby photos and memes tend to make up the majority of the content, and not much grabs our attention anymore. This is exactly what I thought when I lay in bed scrolling through my timeline until I came across ‘The Husband Stitch’…


What I read played on my mind as it worried me that I’d never heard about this practice and I felt as though I was being ignorant. How could I be so naïve to not know something that affects so many women is happening in the healthcare sector? It wasn’t until I went into work the next day and asked other women in the office if they had ever heard of it that I realised it’s not just me, most people don’t know about this horrific concept.


Described by many as a myth, ‘The Husband Stitch’ is an ‘extra’ stitch given to a woman after she gives birth and either tears or is cut. The extra stitch is designed to make the vagina tighter in order to please her partner, thus the name, ‘the husband stitch’. However, although the stitch is created for ‘the daddy’, an extra stitch might make the vaginal opening a little ‘tighter,’  it has no impact on the actual vagina, rendering it both fundamentally pointless AND painful. This practice is widely argued to be a figure of the imagination of feminist masses… it’s not a myth. How do we know? So many women know this because they have evidence… and the evidence is having to live with the ugly truth on a daily basis.


Although some women are asked whether they would like to have the stitch, the majority of women who end up with a hubby stitch have no clue that it’s happening. Women are not allowed consent and the chance to make an informed decision, they are ‘improved’ when they are at their most vulnerable and when they are most likely flickering in and out of consciousness.


The very idea of the husband stitch represents the persistent misogyny that is inherently concreted in medical care and society as a whole. When this practice takes place, the husbands are often unknowingly ‘helped’ by practitioners, with painful consequences for the women who have already endured such horrific pain through their childbirth. While repair of the perineum may be medically necessary, an extra stitch is not, and may cause discomfort or pain in day to day life or in sexual experiences in the future.

What is even more baffling is that it appears that no studies currently exist to determine whether the procedure occurs and how many women have been affected. Many medical practitioners argue that its a myth, many men argue that the concept is formulated by feminists to demonise men.


The women that have received the husband stitch argue it’s not a myth, it’s not a joke…


It’s a painful reality. 


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